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• We charge you what the carrier charges us. (No extra markups for shipping or handling.) For standard part orders the maximum charge is $9.75. If the carrier charges less, we charge you less. If they charge more, we pay the difference. (Because of size or weight spa covers, large jet pumps, motors, and most wood products are excluded).

• We keep spa chemical prices as competitive as possible. Because of the weight involved, the maximum shipping charge for orders that include spa chemicals is $12.75

• Reorders of filters, ozone generators, or Vision Sanitizing Cartridges ship freight prepaid.

• If the parts you request are in stock, all orders received by 2 PM will ship by 4 PM the same business day. (Weekends excepted). Packages ship via either U.S. Priority Mail or UPS Ground service. Other shipping arrangements are available at your request. Please call to discuss them; (866) 418-1840 toll free.

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We aren't perfect; but we try. If there is an error on an order please contact us and we'll correct it immediately!

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“Your speedy response was very much appreciated and the service was unreal & amazingly outstanding!!!!! Fast, Thorough and Genuine!!!!! Just wonderful. Why can’t more businesses be like you? ”
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“It has been a long time since I have seen anyone do anything like you have done. It is appreciated. Problems occur in all business and we certainly have had them here. Money aside, it is good to see you have integrity. ”
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