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Free Advice on How To Fix Your Dimension One Spa. At Easy Spa Parts, Our Goal is to Get You the Information, Parts and Advice You Need to Get Your D1 Spa Fixed as Quickly as Possible.

Instruction sheets, maintenance techniques and tips
to get the most out of your Dimension One Spa!

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“Spa is working great, just wanted to thank you for all your help. It"s nice to know there are still people willing to help, and not just want your money. ”
- Roy M.

“Your speedy response was very much appreciated and the service was unreal & amazingly outstanding!!!!! Fast, Thorough and Genuine!!!!! Just wonderful. Why can’t more businesses be like you? ”
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Hot Tub Repair

Easy Spa Parts has the most comprehensive Do-It-Yourself hot tub repair section for Dimension One Spas available on the internet. With over 75 troubleshooting and hot tub repair instructions as well as 25+ videos, you can find an introductory discussion on most topics in this area of our site. If you have additional questions about hot tub maintenance or repair, just call us and talk to our experienced D-1 hot tub technicians for a deeper dive into a particular subject.

Hot Tub Maintenance

The topics you’ll find in our DIY section include Maintenance, Flow, Upper Controls, Pumps, Spa Covers, Filters, Ozone, Jets, Water Care and Leak Repairs. The most common questions spa owners have are related to flow issues. This presents itself as a "Flow Error" on your display screen. Other indications are FL1, FL2 or just several flashing lights on the main upper control panel. By reviewing the procedures in the Flow section of our DIY, you can perform the 1st steps in diagnosing the problem. These simple steps can often be performed by spa owners with no aptitude for mechanical repairs.

We know that any repair or diagnosis is easy the 3rd or 4th time you perform it, but can be confusing the first time it’s tried. We tailor our instructions to that 1st attempt. Don’t be intimidated because you’ve never tried this before, just dive in and give it a shot. Still struggling to make the diagnosis repair? Contact our experienced Dimension One hot tub service techs for additional assistance. We pride ourselves on being the most knowledgeable, helpful folks available to help D-1 hot tub owners. Call us toll-free; (866) 418-1840