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Dimension One Bay Series Spa

If you own an Amore or Sarena Bay Spa from Dimension One you know its unique design sets it apart from every other hot tub. Since there are no straight lines anywhere on these extra-large covers, the manufacturing process and pricing are different too.

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  • Strength Rating 310
  • Insulating R value 15

  • Rust
    Adobe / Parchment
    Sky Blue
    Hunter Green

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  • Year :
  • Model :
  • Serial Number :
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  • Manufacturer :
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  • Hinge Length :
  • Width :
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  • Rust

  • Mayan

  • Wildwood

  • Adobe / Parchment

  • Walnut

  • Gray

  • Ash

  • Charcoal

  • Sky Blue

  • Teal

  • Navy

  • Hunter Green

These Upgrades Make a Great Cover Even Better

Select Your Skirt & Strap Length

  • Skirt Length

    Long enough to cover the spa shell, keeps heat in and dirt out

  • Strap Length

    Triple reinforced straps secure the cover to the spa cabineton all corners

Add an Optional Cover Lift

  • Extra Large EZ Lifter $189

  • Standard EZ Lifter $155

  • Cover Mate lll $294

  • Cover Shelf $139

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Hot Tub Covers

Why Quality Hot Tub Covers Are So Important

You’ve invested in a premium hot tub. Do you really need a quality cover too? Absolutely. More than keeping your spa water clean, the right cover can save you time, money and energy. Here’s why hot tub covers are so important, and why choosing quality is a smart decision.

Keep That Heat In!

Believe it or not, a quality, tight fitting cover on your spa does more than keep dirt and debris from entering the water. A premium spa cover also prevents heat from escaping your hot tub when it’s not in use. Sure, some heat will always escape, but the more insulated you can keep your hot tub, the less energy you’ll have to use in bringing it back to a comfortable temperature when it’s time to enjoy it again. A premium hot tub cover with the right features is the first step in properly insulating your spa.

Keep Debris Out!

Clean spa water is absolutely essential for an exceptional hot tub experience. But ensuring your water stays properly balanced and conditioned is only part of it. You also need to keep it free from dirt, falling tree branches and other unwanted debris. A good fitting cover is the easiest way to make sure your water stays clean between uses. And, as a bonus, water that stays clean longer requires less filtration and lasts longer before it’s time to drain and refill.

Safety First

When small children or pets may be wandering around the hot tub, a premium cover is a must have. Modern hot tub covers can be equipped with locking mechanisms for safety and peace of mind that no person or animal will accidently fall into the hot tub, or enter when they are not invited. For parents with children, locking spa covers is the difference between letting the kids near the hot tub without worry and constant fear that someone is playing near the spa.

What to Know When Buying Hot Tub Covers

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when browsing for hot tub covers. With many different types, styles and more, how do you know what to look for? More importantly, how do you recognize a quality spa cover over one that’s not going to bring much value? Here are 5 things to look for when browsing for the right hot tub covers.

  • Premium vinyl construction.
  • UV inhibitors to prevent hot tub covers from fading.
  • Triple stitching for strength and durability at seams, straps and handles.
  • High-density core to withstand heavy loads.
  • Reinforced hinges to prevent heat leak.

Spa Covers

At Easy Spa Parts we proudly feature Sunstar replacement spa covers. As the oldest cover manufacturer in the industry, Sunstar has a wide array of templates for some of the largest hot tub makers, so you might not even have to measure the spa for your replacement hot tub covers. Of course, we specialize in parts and covers for Dimension One Spas and guarantee an exact fit with the highest quality workmanship. The Spa Covers section of our website features several videos to help you choose the best portable spa cover for your climate, and our experienced staff is available to answer any questions you might have or even take your order over the phone. Our goal is to make selecting and ordering the best replacement spa cover as “Easy” as possible.

Some standard features included on most of our covers are a full length heat seal, 2 handles for easy handling of your cover and extra drainage grommets to reduce the chance of water building up inside the “vinyl skin”.

Our exclusive hinge protector upgrade helps extend the life of a hot tub cover fold which often wears out with age and use. For spas located in ice and snow during the winter, this is an absolute must!

As one of our customers recently wrote: “I am very impressed with my new hot tub cover. It has so much quality built in. It was worth the wait!!! I have a hot tub repair man who knows quality and he is very impressed and he will be telling his other clients too.”

While reviewing our replacement spa covers you’ll see we offer only the highest quality products available. Others might offer a “cheaper” cover, but that’s exactly what you’ll get. We also stand behind the quality workmanship provided by a Sunstar spa cover with a solid 3-year warranty. You may be enticed by a so-called 5-year warranty from other providers, but looking a little closer you’ll see it has less value than meets the eye.

So for quality replacement spa covers, that are simple to order and carry a real warranty, Easy Spa Parts is your “go to” team. Give us a call for additional information.