Starter Kit – Serum Total System

$64.90 $56.90


The only plumbing flush product that’s EPA registered “to support recreational water clarity and to reduce any bacteriological activity that can cause fouling in the plumbing and jets, surface staining, deodorization and an overall ability to decrease the amount of sanitizer needed to promote healthy hot tub water quality.”

We are proud to offer the Serum Total System Starter Kit, which includes Cleanse (2 oz jar) & Maintenance (16 oz bottle).

Clean your spa plumbing with Total Cleanse and keep it clean with a routine application of Total Maintenance.

The Total Serum System Starter Kit is the most affordable way to keep your spa water sparkling clean year-round.

After you are hooked on the system, purchase Serum Total Maintenance in a 67oz bottle, for a savings of 12%