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Easy Spa Parts specializes in Vision sanitizing Cartridges for all Dimension One Spas, D1 Spas, and Dimension One Hot Tubs.

Vision Sanitizing System
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Vision Sanitizing Cartridges

The Dimension One Spas Vision Cartridge contains natural minerals that help keep your water cleaner, longer, and with less effort. While the original D1 Vision Cartridge started out in a nylon bag, it changed to the familiar purple cartridge several years ago. The basic formula, however, is still the same.

Sitting atop the filter, the D1 hot tub Vision Cartridge works by erosion. As water passes through the cartridge, the pellets wear down and safe amounts of a silver catalyst are released into the water. Silver is a natural bactericide. So the D-1 Vision System helps kill bacteria missed by the sanitizing or ozonation processes.

While this application in hot tubs is relatively new, the technology is not. Cowboys used to put a silver coin in the bottom of their canteen to keep bacteria from forming during long, dusty rides. This same concept helps keep your spa water cleaner, safer, longer.

D1 Vision Cartridge

The Dimension One hot tub Vision Sanitizing Cartridge naturally kills bacteria and algae. It also reduces chemical use, improves water clarity, maximizes bather comfort and reduces that “chlorine” smell you sometimes experience. All with less work on your part.

Here’s the part we like best: Whether you use other competing mineral products or not, you should change your spa water every 3 months. However, the 01512-261 Vision Sanitizing Cartridge has a proprietary formula that lets you go 6 months between water changes. If you’re like me, that’s 2 extra Saturday afternoons a year you can spend playing or relaxing, instead of changing your spa water.

Here are a few other things to know about your Vision Sanitizing Cartridge: Replace your spa water and install a new Vision Cartridge together, at 6 month intervals. The Vision Cartridge is so effective, it’s easy to oversell. Just remember you still need to sanitize, shock, and balance spa water as usual. The D-1 Vision Cartridge just means less effort and better results.

Vision enhances your spa’s ozone system too; so replace your ozone generator as required.Vision is not effective with either bromine or BaquaSpa so we don’t recommend these combinations.

Whether you already use the Vision Sanitizing Cartridge or are about to start, expect cleaner, safer water for your family, with less work from you. At Easy Spa Parts, we only offer the original Dimension One Spas Vision Sanitizing Cartridge. As always, if you ever have a question about your spa; just call us.

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