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(01580-0001) Upper Control Panel


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This 01580-0001 Dimension One Spas Upper Control Panel was introduced in mid-2001 for all Reflections and Bay Series Spas and used through 2007. It features an easy-to-read LED display on the left side of the panel and 7, (actually 8), control buttons on the right. This exclusive design, used only by Dimension One Spas, offers features not available from any other spa manufacturer. The Programming feature on this D1 Spas Upper Control Panel was the first of its kind when it was originally introduced.

As a Dimension One Spa Hot Tub Owner, there are several functions you can tailor to suit your individual needs. Want to control the filtration cycles to optimize the most efficient use of electricity and save money? It’s easy to do. Simply set the time of day, filtration start time, and number of filtration cycles you want the spa to run and duration of each cycle. The longer the spa filters each day, the better your spa water quality will be. We recommend a minimum of 2 cycles per day, at 60 minutes per cycle. If your spa is located near your house, or a neighbor’s house, you’ll want the spa to filter when it won’t interrupt anyone’s sleep or dinner. Programming for 2 cycles will cause the spa to filter every 12 hours. 3 cycles filters every 8 hours, etc.

Of course your Dimension One Hot Tub Upper Control Panel offers several other flexible features for your convenience. Each “Jets” button controls ½ of the spa pump action. Set to “High Speed” and enjoy an invigorating massage that helps relieve the stress of the day. Set to “Low Speed” and experience a relaxing massage you’ll never want to leave. The “Light” button control 3 settings. Low, medium and high. If your spa has a 28 LED light system, it can slowly cycle through a series of 6 colors or be locked onto any single color you prefer.

The most unique feature of your 01580-0001 Dimension One Spas Upper Control Panel is found on the display itself. If the spa is experiencing an issue that requires your attention, the display will tell you. If the spa is low on water or not heating, a “Flow Error” will appear on the display prompting you to add water or call Easy Spa Parts for troubleshooting help. If the water is too hot, or the spa is heating when it should not, a “High Limit Error” will appear. This is another good time to call us for help. And finally, if you want to clean your filters without turning off power at the gfi, simply press the “Dimension One Spas” logo on the far right side of the panel for 3 seconds to shut off the circulation pump for up to 30 minutes.

Complete programming instructions for the 01580-001 D1 Spas Upper Control Panel are available in your Owner’s Manual. If you’ve lost your copy, (or never had one), give us a call and we’ll email one to you.

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