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(01560-310) Upper Control Panel


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  • 01560-310-upper-control-panel
  • 01560-310-upper-control-panel
  • 01560-310-upper-control-panel
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The 01560-310 Dimension One Spas Upper Control Panel was used on most Reflections Series Spas from mid-1999 through mid-2001. This D1 Spa Control Panel was the spa industries first Scrolling Message Center where the information about the hot tub could move across the screen providing more information than a simple 1 word message or symbol representing a function. For instance, a simple icon of a thermometer was replaced by the words, “Spa Heating to 101 degrees”. Maintenance prompts were actually replaced with troubleshooting advice. A simple reading of “F3” was replaced with, “Flow Error. Check Water Level, Rinse Filters and Call Your Local Dealer if Problem Continues.” As usual Dimension One Spas was several steps ahead of any other manufacturer with innovative ideas.

As you would expect, the 01560-310 Dimension One Spas Scrolling Message Center provides all the standard control features want from the industry leader in quality and innovation. Jets 1 and 2, High and Low Speed settings, lights on–off, separate temperature up and down buttons and Programming features not available anywhere else.

Your 01560-310 D-1 Spa Control Panel allows you to set the time of day, filtration times, number of filter cycles and duration of each cycle. In addition you can control the length of time the spa jets run – from 60 - 180 minutes each time you press a jet button. This automatic shut off feature insures your pump does not continue running if you’ve forgotten to turn off the jet pump and gone to bed for the night.

Convenient Scrolling Error Messages appear when the spa needs repair attention. “Low Flow Error”, “High Limit Error”, “Temperature Sensor” and “Over Heat” all indicate times you should contact Easy Spa Parts or your local dealer for assistance. We can often walk you through troubleshooting procedures right over the phone.

While the 01560-310 Dimension One Control Panel is still available, unfortunately the 01710-125 matching Main PC Board is not. Should you need to replace that PC Board, you’ll have to purchase an Upgrade Kit. The part numbers for the kits are 07-0016 Standard Upgrade Kit, or 07-0018 Sequencer Upgrade Kit. Thankfully, Management at Dimension One Spas realizes this is an inconvenience and offers these kits at 33% - 65% discounts. Please call us for additional information regarding troubleshooting and the purchase of these kits.

The most common reason to replace your 01560-310 Dimension One hot tub control panel is either a button that no longer functions or the display screen is blank. Whatever the reason, at Easy Spa Parts we are here to help diagnose any issues you might have with your 01560-310 Dimension One Spas Upper Control Panel so you can repair if possible, and replace only if necessary. Call one of our friendly, experienced Dimension One Spas techs whenever you have a question. (866) 418-1840 toll-free in the US.

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