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(01560-320-5) Mid-Range Upper Control


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  • 01560-320-5-upper-control-panel
  • 01560-320-5-upper-control-panel
  • 01560-320-5-upper-control-panel
MSRP Retail: $209.95
Our Everyday Price: $185.00 

01560-320-5 Upper Control Panel

This 5-button replacement upper control panel was used on some Dimension One Spas from mid-1999 through 2011. The best way to determine if this is the panel your spa uses is to visually compare it to the photo on our website, then look at the Year-Model search on also on our website. If you are still unsure, please call us for assistance.

This simple panel does not have a scrolling message display like its more glamorous older brother the 01580-0001 upper control panel, but still gives you the control of your spa you demand. This 5-button version is labeled: Jets, Light, Up, Down and Program. The owner’s manual for your spa includes complete instructions for programming your spa. If you find them confusing, just call us for help. Because it has fewer functions, history has shown it has a longer life than many other controls. Easy Spa Parts is the only company to include the panel, 01560-353 inlay, and 01512-00 installation kit for the same low price. Everything you need to replace a defective 01562-320-5 panel is included in your purchase from us.

If you need a copy of your owner’s manual or a replacement panel for your spa, please call us. We are here to help.

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