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(8000-D19) M-Drive Upper Control Panel

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  • M Drive 19-thumb-insert
  • 8000-d19-m-drive-upper-control-panel
  • 8000-d19-m-drive-upper-control-panel
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The 8000-D19 Dimension One Spas M-Drive Upper Control Panel was used from 2007-2014 on Bay and Reflections Series Spas. When it was introduced in 2007 on the D1 Spas Bay Collection, the M-Drive was an immediate hit. With a large, easy-to read display and simple navigation buttons it became the envy of the spa industry. It was immediately added to the Reflections Series of D1 Spas in 2008. It eventually replaced the 01580-0001 Dimension One Spas Upper Control Panel.

The first thing you notice on the 8000-D19 M-Drive is the LED large display. It’s easy to read and intuitive to follow the simple programming path. The 3 large buttons on the left side of the display control up to 3 large Dimension One Spas jet pumps for full control of the jet action anywhere in the spa. The 3 large buttons on the right side of the LED display control the spa light, water fountain, (if you have one), and Hot Key. This Hot Key allows you to set the water temperature, time of day, and invert the display so it can be easily read from either inside or outside your Dimension One Spas hot tub. The Navigation buttons on the far right side of your 8000-D19 M Drive upper control panel provide access to, and control of, a complete list of features that allow you to tailor the spa’s operation to your needs.

Just look at the list of the other things you can do with the 8000-D19 M Drive. Set the time of day, determine the number of filter cycles, duration, and start time. You can control the sound on your audio system if you have one, choose between 5 languages on the display, and set the contrast and lighting on the LED display itself, and even Lock Functions so inadvertent changes can’t be made. In addition, there are Error Messages that alert you to issues that need addressing and even Routine Maintenance Prompts to remind you to change your 01512-261 Vision Sanitizing Cartridge, or rinse the 01561-00-A D1 hot tub filters.

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