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(01560-345-6C) @Home Upper Control Panel - Charcoal 6-Button


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  • 01560-345-6c-upper-control-panel
  • 01560-345-6c-upper-control-panel
  • 01560-345-6c-upper-control-panel
MSRP Retail: $149.00
Our Everyday Price: $135.00 

01560-345-6 @Home Upper Control Panel

Introduced in about 2000, this replacement control panel can be used on all Dimension One Spas @Home series hot tubs manufactured since then. This 6-Button control panel is labeled Jets 1, Jets 2, Light, Up, Down and Program and is used for @Home hot tubs using 2 large jet pumps. The 01560-345 upper control is matched with the 01782-1000 lower control pack. You’ll recognize the classic blue box with the “S-Class” label on the front looks like similar packs used in the spa industry, but the proprietary software engineered by Dimension One means you get the best operating pack specifically for your spa.

Dimension One Spas has incorporated additional filtration features in their software you won’t find in other S-Class controls. In addition, the error messages displayed on the upper key pad are different than some other spa manufacturers. Be sure to use nothing but the original 01782-1000 for your spa. It’s also important to note that the pc board is not available separately. When the board or transformer need replacing, the complete pack, including a new heater, must be purchased. This is a little more expensive, but the replacement process is much easier for a spa owner. If your @Home spa has just 1 pump and no ozone system, you can save a little money by purchasing the 01782-1020 pack. Again, the software is different than other manufacturers, so beware of purchasing a generic S-Class pack on the internet.

For more information about this pack, or anything else spa related call our experienced spa technicians for help.

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