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E10 Circulation Pump w/ Flow Switch
$229.00 $175.00

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E10 Circulation Pump
$229.00 $169.00

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E-3 Fountain Pump
$195.00 $149.00

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4.0 hp / 2 spd. Sta-Rite Pump
$349.95 $265.00

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3.6 hp / 2 spd. Sta-Rite Pump
$365.00 $289.00

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3.6 hp / 1 spd. Sta-Rite Pump
$349.95 $289.00

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Sta-Rite Drain Plugs
$6.50 $5.45

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Sta Rite Volute
$99.00 $75.00

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Split Pump Union - 2
$9.95 $7.95

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SR Seal Kit
Sta-Rite Seal Kit
$31.50 $25.90

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Sta-Rite Pump Seal - Viton
$16.95 $15.50

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O-Ring - Sta Rite Pump
$9.75 $6.95

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Gate Valve O-Ring
$1.55 $1.35

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Sta-Rite Impeller - 1.5 hp
$35.99 $32.50

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Sat-Rite Impeller 3.0 hp
$39.95 $33.95

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Sta-Rite Impeller - 4.0 hp
$42.50 $35.00

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Hot Tub Pumps

At Easy Spa Parts the most common call we receive about the large Dimension One Spas pumps involve dripping that can occur at the motor shaft. (This is actually something we see on all hot tub pumps in the industry) and can be easily fixed by replacing the pump seal and large O-ring. We not only sell the replacement seal kits for D1 spa pumps, but have our own step-by-step instructions for doing the work. If you are a weekend mechanic, this DIY job can save you plenty of money.

Anatomy of the Hot Tub Pump

Hot tub pumps are one of the most important elements of a working spa, yet one of the least understood. While most people understand the basics—a hot tub pump moves water in the spa—few know why or how. Digging into the details a little will help you in the event you need to troubleshoot, or replace your spa pump. And the good news? With regular maintenance, your hot tub pump will provide you with years of spa enjoyment.

There are basically two sides to the spa pump: one where the metal, electric motor is housed, and the plastic side that includes the impeller which moves the water. Pumps are the muscle behind your hot tub, pulling water from the tub and passing it through the filter, heater and back to the tub through the jets. Without your spa pump, you have nothing more than a bath tub!

Extending the Life of Your Hot Tub Pump

Let’s face it, no one wants to have to go out and replace a spa pump. So, in the interest of extending the life of the spa pump you already have, here are a few practical suggestions.

Regular water maintenance is key. Spa enthusiasts are the first to share this golden nugget of expertise — maintain your spa for optimal performance. Getting the most out of your spa pump and your spa in general has everything to do with how well you care for it. Make sure your hot tub water is properly balanced with the right mineral components. It will help your sanitizer work more efficiently, and your pump will thank you for it.

Use a spa cover to eliminate dirt and debris build up. A quality hot tub cover is essential for making sure dirt and debris stays out of your spa water. But it also helps extend the life of your pump by preventing obstacles and other forms of dirt from building up and blocking the impellor from turning. Even a small amount of debris can negatively impact your spa pump, causing it to work harder than it should.

Preventive troubleshooting. Listen to the sounds your hot tub pump makes. If you hear whistling, humming or grinding, take action. Fixing a problem early on rather than letting it worsen could end up saving you time, energy and money.

When Troubleshooting or Replacing a Hot Tub Pump

When replacing a failing spa pump solves your problem, it’s always a good day. But, there are many things to consider that may impact the process, and how easy or complicated it is.

Modern hot tub pumps are designed to last quite a few years—at least 5 or 10 depending on use patterns. But age should be taken into consideration. If you are having problems with a pump that is more than 5 years old, consider replacing it. Rather than troubleshooting and dealing with expensive and ongoing service, it may be a better idea to replace the entire spa pump.

Signs that Signal the Need for a New Hot Tub Pump

While this list may not be all inclusive, these are the most common signs a new pump is needed for your D1 spa:1

Loud Operation: There will always be a little engine noise when your using your portable hot tub, but if the sound is loud or louder than normal, or if there are unusual squeals or rhythms involved in the sound your spa makes the pumps should be one of the first things you check.

Motor Failure: Damaged motors on the pumps will completely halt operation, and the problem is quite obvious.

Dimension One Spa Pumps

The next most common call we receive about Dimension One hot tub pumps involves leaking at the bleeder plug. There is a good reason for this. The plugs are made of a softer material than the pump housing. If your spa freezes in the winter, water will become ice and expand inside that housing. The softer plug will be pushed out of the housing by the ice. It’s much easier and cheaper to buy new plugs than replacement dimension one spa pumps. While the softer material was primarily designed with ice in mind, older plugs can wear out on their own and pop out. We carry replacement drain plugs for all D-1 Spa pumps, so give us a call for help.

If you’ve just drained and refilled your spa and the hot tub pumps sound like they are working but are not moving water, you might have an air-lock. There are several easy ways to resolve this. Give us a call and we can help troubleshoot and fix the problem.

It’s always a good idea to do a complete visual check of the working components of your hot tub while doing regular maintenance. Look for any signs of wear and tear on wiring, plugs and fittings. Wiring in the pump housings should not look frayed, burned or faded. Catching those problems early and replacing them with the proper parts can save you from more detailed replacements.

However, even with the most diligent maintenance and care, over time D1 spa pumps, (or any spa pump really), just wear out and need replacing. In some cases, the symptoms are less obvious than the above examples. Signs of spa motor trouble can vary: noisy motors, motors that work in one speed but not the other, or motors that trip the spas GFI are among some of the reasons.

Diagnosing the problem on your own can be tricky, and costly, if you make a mistake. Call us for troubleshooting help so you fix the problem, at the lowest cost. Our experienced Dimension One Spas technicians are here to help! (866) 418-1840 toll free in the US.

Dimension One Spa Pumps For Sale

We stock a variety of other Dimension One Spa Parts including Dimension One Spa Covers, Filters, Vision Cartridges, Water Care, D1 Jets, D1 Pillows, EZ lifter and Covers, Upper controls, Electronics, Pumps, Ozone systems as well as other Dimension Hot Tub products and parts.

Spa Pump FAQs

One of my hot tub pumps leaks. Do I need to buy a new one?

Probably not. The most common cause of a spa pump leak is worn pump seals or O-rings. Give us a call to confirm the situation, but you probably just need a new Pump Seal Kit. These kits are 1/10th the cost of a new pump and we include step-by-step instructions to make the job easy. Most people do the job themselves.

I just changed the water in my spa and now my pump just hums. What happened?

You probably have an air lock. Once this “air bubble” is cleared from the plumbing, the pump will operate normally. Give us a call for a few suggestions to help fix this problem quickly.

One of my spa pumps is noisy all of a sudden. What is the cause?

There are generally 2 causes of a noisy pump.

  1. The motor bearings need replacing.
  2. The impeller is damaged and needs replacing.

Try to determine if the noise occurs on the motor side of the assembly or the plastic pump side. You can replace an impeller yourself, (and you might as well change the pump seals at the same time). If the noise is on the motor side, you can get the bearings replaced at most pool supply stores. The cost is generally about $100 to replace the bearings. If you’ll wind up with a 10 + year - old pump and new bearings, you might consider calling us for a new pump assembly so everything is new.

My Dimension One Spa has 2 pumps.Are they the same ?

Yes and no.The spa pump on the right, (also called Pump 1), is usually a 2 - speed pump.The hot tub pump on the left, (Pump 2), can be either a 1 - speed or 2 - speed pump.If your hot tub has 3 pumps, things get a little more confusing. Call us for help sorting it out.

My spa pumps quite working.Can I call Easy Spa Parts for troubleshooting help?

Absolutely.The cause could be as simple as a bad fuse or something more complicated.We are the experts who can help you figure it out.

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“I feel like you are my personal hot tub repairman. You have probably saved me hundreds of $$$. Sending two parts to try and “just send the one back that doesn’t fix the problem”, and “call me when you get the part, I’ll tell you what to do” is unheard of in today’s world!!! ”
- Carole M.

“Your service has been heaven sent, especially when I had trouble and you stood by me and held my hand. Since I"m in the Northeast, our winters are snowy and cold, but Easy Spa Parts has kept me in hot water! I can"t recommend you folks strongly enough. ”
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