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(01562-23A) 4.0 hp / 2 spd. Sta-Rite Pump


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  • 01562-23a-sta-rite-4-hp-pump
MSRP Retail: $349.95
Our Everyday Price: $265.00 

The 01562-23A Dimension One Spas pump was a workhorse in the product line from 1997-2011. Operating with a powerful 4.0 horse power, 2 speed, 240 volt motor, this pump assembly moves plenty of water for any Dimension One Spa owner to appreciate. On “High Speed”, enjoy a vigorous, deep-tissue massage in one of the Dimension One Spas Sports Seats or luxurious lounges. On “Low Speed”, relax as the cares of the day melt away. Either way you’ll appreciate the flexibility that a 01562-23A pump assembly affords.

The jets in a Dimension One hot tub are also adjustable and customizable so you can open or close each jet individually. This allows you to tailor the “feel” of each jet and pinpoint more or less pressure wherever you like.

And talk about reliability; we’ve seen many of these 01562-23A pumps operate efficiently for 12+ years. If you are experiencing pump issues however, here are a few things to look for. If water is slowly dripping at the shaft between the motor and plastic pump, you’ll likely need to replace the pump seal and large O-ring. This is available as a kit on our website, (see part number SR-Seal Kit). It’s a simple repair you can do yourself- we even provide Step-By Step Instructions to help you. A pump that is not operating at all can be a bad fuse, pump or PC Board. Give us a call for troubleshooting help.

The 01781-27 Dimension One Spas heater is driven by a smaller 01512-320E Circulation Pump, so even if the 01562-23A Pump Assembly needs attention, the heating system will still operate and prevent the spa from freezing in the middle of winter. The most common indicator of a possible circulation pump issue is a “Low Flow Error” on the Dimension One hot tub upper control panel.

If you just drained and refilled your spa and the pump sounds like it’s working, but no water is moving, you probably have an air lock that needs to be cleared out. Call for an easy trick to get your pump operating again. Occasionally the 01562-23A pump assembly will operate in only one speed, this may be a sign that the pump or PC Board needs replacing. Again, give us a call for troubleshooting help.

At Easy Spa Parts we are here to help diagnose any issues you might have with your 01562-23A D1 Spas pump so you can repair if possible and replace only if necessary. Call one of our friendly, experienced Dimension One Spas techs whenever you have a question. (866) 418-1840 toll-free in the US.

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