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(01562-39C) 3.6 hp / 2 spd. Sta-Rite Pump


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  • 01562-39c-sta-rite-pump
MSRP Retail: $365.00
Our Everyday Price: $289.00 

Spa Pump 01562-39C

This 230 volt, 3.6hp, 2-speed pump was used on many Dimension One Spas from 2000-2012. Hot tub pumps must be replaced for several reasons and you want to be sure to use the same pump as the original or the gfi might trip continually because of the wrong amperage. Plumbing issues may also arise. The last thing you want to do is save a few dollars on an internet pump only to spend all Saturday cutting and reconfiguring the pipes that move water in and out of the pump. If your pump is leaking at the motor shaft or the plastic wet end assembly, you might just need a pump seal replacement kit. This is 1/10 the cost of a new pump so you always want to call us first for assistance diagnosing pump problems before just ordering a new one. Here are a few other symptoms you may encounter that might not require a new unit. The pump might not start at all. Bad fuse or upper control? Pump might start then shut off after 10 minutes. Later it turns itself back on, then off, then on… Motor might just need to be cleaned out.

Remember to call us before ordering a replacement hot tub pump! Our experienced spa technicians can help you diagnose the problem and possibly save you hundreds of dollars.

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