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Curved and Tapered Pillow - Silver
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Curved & Tapered Pillow - Charcoal
$31.75 $24.95

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Bay Series Soft Tile Pillow - Charcoal
$17.95 $15.95

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Curved Pillow w/Logo - Silver
$29.00 $24.95

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Fixed Pillow - Silver (710)
$29.00 $24.95

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Adjustable Pillow - Silver (821)
$31.95 $24.95

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Strap Pillow - Silver
$31.95 $24.95

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At Home Curved Pillow - Silver
$42.25 $35.50

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@Home Corner Pillow - Silver
$31.91 $25.95

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@Home Corner Pillow - Charcoal
$31.75 $25.95

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@Home Half Moon Pillow - Silver
$32.45 $24.95

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@Home Half Moon Pillow - Charcoal
$29.95 $24.95

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@Home Flat Pillow (w/Pins) - Silver
$25.50 $19.95

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@Home Flat Pillow (w/Velcro) - Silver
$35.00 $24.95

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Adjustable Headrest Pillow 2017+
$29.99 $24.95

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Hot Tub Pillows

What’s better than slipping into your spa, easing into a comfortable position and resting your head against a soft, cushiony hot tub pillow? With a Dimension One Spa pillow at the ready, relaxation has never been so effortless.

The Right Hot Tub Pillow Makes all the Difference in the World

There’s just no getting around it, a fantastic spa pillow is critical for comfort when you’re relaxing in your spa or hot tub. But pillows vary by manufacturer, not only by shape and color, but also by fastenings. That’s why it’s important when looking to replace existing pillows to make a note of the size, shape, width and color.

Whether you’re replacing old, worn pillows, or in the market for something new and luxurious, at Easy Spa Parts, we have you covered. Our Dimension One Spa pillows are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors, for you to find exactly what you need easily and conveniently. Curved and tapered corner pillows, strapped or adjustable, whatever you’re looking for, we have it. And with one of the largest selections of the finest hot tub pillows available, we’ve made it easier than ever to browse for the perfect fit.

Prolonging the Life of Your Dimension One Hot Tub Pillows

Hot tub pillows generally have a life span of about 4-6 years. Why so short? Even the best pillows will disintegrate over time from soaking in water and harsh chemicals. Of course, exposure to hot sun doesn’t help either, which is why they tend to fade. But don’t worry! We know a trick for getting even more wear and value from your D1 pillows. Here’s the tip: As a hot tub enthusiast, you probably know the importance of shocking your spa—and that’s good. But the next time you do it, leave the cover on your spa open half way for about an hour.

The shocking process oxidizes (or burns) oils and lotions out of the water. Your pillows are stored between the water and your cover. And you don’t want the results of the shocking process to be trapped where the pillows are located. Allow the off gassing from the shocking process to escape, and your hot tub pillows will breathe a sigh of relief.

Easy Every Day Care and Maintenance

Ever hear of Croc shoes? Believe it or not, your Dimension One hot tub replacement pillows are made using a similar process. Each pillow has a thin layer of urethane paint coated over the top for easy cleaning. Be sure to wipe any dirt (even foam) off the pillows regularly with a soft sponge. Never use abrasive cleaners on your pillow or you risk tearing the coating. That’s it!

Keeping your D1 spa pillows clean is more than just an aesthetic. Remember to wipe them down often to prevent mildew from forming. Even with regular care, the humidity of the hot tub, especially if covered for long periods can build up and cause mildew. If you do begin to notice an off odor that is musty on your portable spa’s pillows, remove them and give them a more serious cleaning to get rid of the mildew before it sets in. You’ll need a few easy to find supplies that are usually in every home.

  • A soft rag
  • Bleach
  • Detergent
  • A soft sponge or brush
  • Toothbrush
  • A 5-gallon bucket filled with water
  • It’s also a good idea to have goggles as the vapor from bleach can be hard on the eyes.

    Mix a teaspoon of detergent, and a capful of bleach to the 5-gallon bucket of water. After removing the pillows, clean the area where the pillows rest on the hot tub shell. Use the soft brush or sponge and wipe away any possible residue.

    Clean the hot tub cover in the areas where the pillows are. Clean the hot tub pillows with the solution soaked on the sponge and let them air dry well before replacing them on your D1 hot tub.

    Even the best maintenance and cleaning schedule can’t beat the effects of time. D1 spa pillows are meant to last and do stand up to the test of time well, but they can still need replacement after years of use. We have a wide selection of great portable spa pillows to choose from. Our beautiful, comfortable spa pillows come in several color choices too, so you can match your hot tub’s design.

    Replacing Your Dimension One Spa Pillows

    It’s actually pretty easy to replace your hot tub’s pillows with new ones. Lift the bottom of the pillow up with your fingertips. Pull it firmly until the old pillow unsnaps from the shell of your spa. Look for the alignment tabs when putting in the new pillow and insert it into the spa shell openings. Push the new hot tub cushion into the slots firmly until you hear the snap. You may need to hit the top of the pillow with the palm of your hand sharply to give it enough force.

    You’ll find fittings for your spa pillows as well, in case you need to change or replace any item to keep your beautiful Dimension One hot tub looking and feeling its best. Check out the pillow rails, hoses and clamps to keep your portable hot tub experience as luxurious and fun as it should be.

    Spa Pillows For Sale

    If you have questions about your Dimension One Spa pillows or your spa in general, please give us a call. We have experienced technicians on site who are ready with answers, advice and anything else you need to make your Dimension One Spa experience fantastic! Call toll free today! 866) 418-1840

    Spa Pillow FAQs

    What’s the expected life of a spa pillow?

    History shows hot tub pillows have a life of 4-5 years?

    What causes hot tub pillows to break down over time?

    The normal hot tub environment can be tough on headrests. They need to be soft enough to be comfortable for your head, but tough enough to stand up to hot, chlorinated water. Beginning sometime in 2001, Dimension One Spas began using pillows with the same production process as Crocs shoes; soft yet durable.

    What can I do to extend the life of my hot tub headrest?

    When shocking the spa water, keep the hot tub cover half open for an hour. The oxidizing process of spa shock can cause the film on the pillow to warp and peel. Leaving the cover open allows the oxidizing steam to escape form the spa rather than staying trapped at the water, (and pillow), line.

    Can I replace hot tub pillows myself?

    Of course. On most pillows there are 2 mounting pins on the back which snap into the hot tub liner. Simply slide a hand between each pin and liner, and push out. The pillow will separate from the liner. Installing the new headrest is as easy as lining up the pins with mounting holes and pushing in. A few models use Velcro to attach.

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