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(01510-420) Curved Pillow w/Logo - Silver


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  • 01510-420-spa-pillow-dimension-one-spas
  • 01510-420-spa-pillow-dimension-one-spas
  • 01510-420-spa-pillow-dimension-one-spas
MSRP Retail: $29.00
Our Everyday Price: $24.95 

Hot Tub Pillow 01510-420

The 01510-420 spa pillow has been used on many Dimension One Spas from 2001-2003. The best way to identify your spa pillow is by visually comparing it to the photo on our website. This pillow is easily identified by the Dimension One water droplet logo on the face and its rectangular shape. This replacement spa pillow has only been used in the classic silver color.

Hot Tub Pillows

These pillows were originally made by the same company who designed and invented the “Crocs” shoe. The manufacturing process is similar as is the method of coloring the pillow. However, because spa pillows are in hot, chlorinated water throughout their life it’s common for them to lose the outside film, (and color that comes with it), and begin to deteriorate. The average life of a pillow is about 4-5 years. If you ignore the loss of color, by year 6-7, the pillow begins to deteriorate and absolutely must be replaced. We know of spa owners who remove their pillows after each use and store them in the house. This allows the spa pillow to last much longer because they are away from the hot water most of the time.

If you have any questions about the correct pillow or any other parts for your spa, please call our experienced Dimension One Spas service techs. We know what you need.

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