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(01710-1008) MSPA-D11 PC Board


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  • 01710-1008-pc-Board-MSPA-MP-dimension-one-spa-gecko-0201-100020
MSRP Retail: $475.00
Our Everyday Price: $379.95 

The 01710-1008 Dimension One Spas PC Board was the workhorse of the product line from mid-2001 through 2006. As experienced D-1 Service Techs here at Easy Spa Parts, we find the 01710-1008 Main Control Board easy to access, troubleshoot, and replace if necessary. In addition, we are the only company to offer a 4-page color coded wiring diagram to make replacing your board easier.

This 01710-1008 D-1 Spas Lower Control Board is used on the Bay Series, and most of the Reflection Series Spas. The matching Dimension One Spas 01580-0001 Upper Control Panel comes with 2 connectors. The small 4-pin connector plugs into P4, and the larger 6-pin connector might not need to be plugged in at all. The 6-pin connector is used in conjunction with a Hand-Held Remote Control System. If you did not purchase this Aftermarket item, leave the 6-pin connector unplugged. For the smaller Reflections Spas, the 01560-320 Dimension One Spas Upper Control Panel plugs into P1 on the 01710-1008 D1 hot tub main control pc board.

Fuses are easy to find and replace if necessary. The Flow Error and High Limit Error are also easy to diagnose and resolve over the phone with us and no one else will help you troubleshoot your spa’s error messages like we do.

At Easy Spa Parts we are here to help diagnose any issues you might have with your 01710-1008 Dimension One Spas Main PC Board so you can repair if possible, and replace only if necessary. Call one of our friendly, experienced Dimension One Spas techs whenever you have a question. (866) 418-1840 toll-free in the US.

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