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(07-0019) Mid-Range Upgrade Kit


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  • 07-0019-spa-mid-range-upgrade-kit-dimension-one-spas-gecko
  • 07-0019-spa-mid-range-upgrade-kit-dimension-one-spas-gecko
  • 07-0019-spa-mid-range-upgrade-kit-dimension-one-spas-gecko
MSRP Retail: $637.00
Our Everyday Price: $515.00 

Mid Range Upgrade Kit 07-0019

The 01710-125 p.c. board was standard in many Reflection Series Dimension One Spas from mid-1999 through mid-2001. It was succeeded by the 01710-1008 replacement pc board in mid-2001. A few years later, the original -125 board became obsolete. In order to keep thousands of D-1 spa owners in hot water, (and keep themselves out of it), they began offering a Sequencer Upgrade Kit for those needing to replace the pc board. The replacement parts are the same size and are easy to replace. These include the 01710-1008 pc board, 01580-0001 upper control panel, 01560-1003 power transformer, 01560-1002 high limit sensor and 01560-79 temperature sensor. It also includes the pc board, upper control panel and transformer required to operate the spas’ sequencing system. The total price for this upgrade kit is about 35% less than buying each component separately, and most of your spa electronics will be fresh and new. If you want your spa to last 25 years, this is a good place to start. There is one catch however. This offer is only good for spas built between mid-1999 and mid-2001. Please call us with your spa serial number, (or if you are a current Easy Spa Parts customer we may already have it), so we can place this special order for you. In order to keep the price as low as possible, we do not include the 01781-16Y-A ozone generator or 01781-21 ozone ballast in this offer but those can be purchased from us separately. This offer is also available for spas during this era using a standard system without sequencing lounge, (ask for 07-0016), or Reflections spas using a single pump. Ask for the 07-0019 Mid-Range kit.

As always, you can call our experienced Dimension One service technicians for additional help or to place an order.

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