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2-Pump S-Class Lower Control Pack
$675.00 $465.00

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General Info.
Printed Circuit Boards
$0.00 $0.00

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1-Pump S-Class Lower Control Pack
$575.00 $375.00

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M-Class Lower Control Pack
$899.00 $765.00

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MSPA-D11 PC Board
$475.00 $379.95

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DIY-Wiring Diag
Color Coded Wiring Diagram
$0.00 $0.00

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M-Class - AFS Lower Control Pack w/o Heater
$790.00 $575.00

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MSPA-1 PC Board
$0.00 $0.00

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Standard Upgrade Kit
$762.00 $599.00

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Mid-Range Upgrade Kit
$637.00 $519.00

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Sequencing System Upgrade Kit
$1119.00 $799.00

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Bay Series PC Board
$539.95 $350.00

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2007+ Reflections PC Board / Non-LFX
$449.95 $299.00

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LFX - Reflections PC Board
$420.00 $299.00

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D-14 PC Board
$379.00 $339.00

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Reference Only
$0.00 $0.00

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Hot Tub Circuit Board

Easy Spa Parts carries the most complete line of Dimension One Spas pc boards available. Whether your D-1 spa was built last year, or 30 years ago, we carry replacement pc boards in stock. If the D-1 pc board you need is still being manufactured, we have access to it. Have an obsolete hot tub replacement pc board? Give us a call, we can refer you to experienced technicians who repair hot tub pc boards and can keep your Dimension One Spa in good working order

If you need help troubleshooting your hot tub pc board you’ve come to the right place. Some of our technicians worked at Dimension One Spas up to 20 years and can assist you in going from “symptom to solution” right over the phone. This might seem like a daunting task at first but give us a chance because nobody does it better. And whether you install the new spa replacement pc board yourself or have someone else help, we can answer questions as the work is being done to get you back in hot water as soon as possible.

Dimension One Spas PC Board

There are 2 things you can do to promote a longer life for your spa pc board. 1. With the power to the spa off, check each connection where a wire or plug is attached to the pc board. Tighten all loose connections. 2. When you know a lightning storm is coming, turn off power to the spa at the GFI until the storm passes. This prevents a power surge from damaging your Dimension One Spa pc board.

The @Home Spa Series from Dimension One Spas is a bit unique. If the hot tub pc board needs replacing, the complete 01782-1000 pack must be replaced. Unfortunately, the pc board is not available separately. The benefit of this is having all new electronics in the equipment area as well as a new heater and sensors. Install this and you probably won’t have another electrical issue for 10 more years.

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“I feel like you are my personal hot tub repairman. You have probably saved me hundreds of $$$. Sending two parts to try and “just send the one back that doesn’t fix the problem”, and “call me when you get the part, I’ll tell you what to do” is unheard of in today’s world!!! ”
- Carole M.

“Your service has been heaven sent, especially when I had trouble and you stood by me and held my hand. Since I"m in the Northeast, our winters are snowy and cold, but Easy Spa Parts has kept me in hot water! I can"t recommend you folks strongly enough. ”
- Steve H.