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(01781-16Y-A) UltraPure Ozone Generator


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  • 01781-16y-a-ozone-generator-ultra-pure
  • 01781-16y-a-ozone-generator-ultra-pure
  • 01781-16y-a-ozone-generator-ultra-pure
MSRP Retail: $189.95
Our Everyday Price: $169.95 

Ozone Generator 01781-16Y-A

Easy Spa Parts specializes in providing only the original Dimension One Spas Ozone Generator your hot tub requires.

Ever wonder how the ozone system works? After water is drawn into the filter, it passes through a circulation pump, moves through the heater, and the ozone injector. At the same time, oxygen is passing through the Dimension One hot tub ozonator and turns into an ozone gas. Both the water and ozone gas meet in the ozone injector where they are mixed together, and flow into a 14’ contact chamber that safely breaks down lotions, oils, algae, viruses, bacteria and other organic matter. After the ozone has done its work only the clean, warm water returns to the spa.

Ozone has been safely used around the world for more than 50 years! This proven technology is also used in public and private swimming pools, food safety applications, and even municipal drinking water systems. Let’s look at the powerful difference using a hot tub ozonator can make. A spa ozonator oxidizes, or burns out, the bad stuff in your hot tub water. You don’t want those little critters sharing your hot tub with you! Spa ozone systems increase bather comfort by reducing that icky Chlorine/Chloramine smell. You can reduce red or irritated eyes, dry or itchy skin, and even faded swimwear (all caused by too much, or too little chlorine).

Ozone allows you to use fewer traditional sanitizers too. While ozone does not replace the need for chlorine or bromine, (regardless of what some salespeople may claim), it does reduce the amount of chemicals needed to maintain clean water. Ozone also reduces the amount of time you spend on water maintenance. Ozone is environmentally safe and a proven technology that’s easy on your spa’s plumbing and equipment. Hot tubs equipped with ozone systems could only win UL approval if they are deemed absolutely safe! For best results, we recommend replacing your spas ozone generator every 2 years.

If you need ozone replacement parts, or more information just give us a call.

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