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Easy Spa Parts specializes in hot tub Ozone and spa Ozone Systems for all Dimension One Spas, D1 Spas, and Dimension One Hot Tubs.

UltraPure Ozone Generator
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UltraPure Ballast
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@Home Ozone Generator
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Blue Box Ozone Generator
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UltraPure Plus Assembly
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UltraPure Plus Ozone Generator
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UltraPure + Ballast
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High Volume AFS Ozone Generator
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CrystalPure Ozone Generator
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CrystalPure Ballast
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E-3 Circulation Pump
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E10 Circulation Pump w/Flow Switch
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Universal Diffuser
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Diffuser O-Ring
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Diffuser Removal Tool
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Diffuser Removal Tool
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Dimension One Spas Ozone Generator

Has someone recommended that you invest in a spa ozone generator? Chances are, if you have a relatively new hot tub, you already have one. So what is this, and how do you know if you have one? Simply put, a hot tub ozonator is a smart way to improve the water quality in your spa. And, save a few dollars too.

At Easy Spa Parts, we specialize in Dimension One Spas Ozone Generators, and would love to help you maximize your enjoyment by taking advantage of this exciting technology. Did you know that ozone has been used to help keep the water clean in International Olympic competition pools since 1984? Do you have an older spa? Don’t worry. Since 1991, a Dimension One Spa Ozonator has been installed, or can have one added on.

A Little Science - What is Ozone?

Ozone starts as an oxygen (or 02) molecule. The ozone generator adds another O, making an O3 molecule. This new ozone molecule mixes with the water in your spa to very effectively purify your water. “But isn’t that what chlorine is for?” you ask. YES! However, using ozone in tandem with a sanitizer like chlorine or bromine can greatly reduce the amount of chemical needed.

How Does the Ozone System Work?

After your hot tub water is drawn through the filter, it moves through a circulation pump, through the heater, and into the ozone injector. At the same time, oxygen passes through the Dimension One hot tub ozonator, turning into ozone gas. Both the water and ozone gas meet in the ozone injector where they are mixed together, and flow into an 11’ contact chamber to safely break down and oxidize lotions, oils, algae, viruses, bacteria and other organic matter. After the ozone has done its work, the clean, warm water returns to the spa. Amazing!

An Innovative and Safe Technology That’s Perfect for the Spa

Ozone has been safely used around the world for more than 50 years! This proven technology is used in food safety, drinking water and air purification systems as well as hospitals and dental offices to ensure germ-free environments.

A hot tub ozonator can make a powerful difference in your spa by oxidizing, or ‘burning out’ the bad stuff in your hot tub water. They kill viruses, bacteria, yeasts and oxidize other organic matter. Seriously, you don’t want these little critters sharing your hot tub with you!

Spa ozone systems also increase bather comfort by reducing that icky Chlorine/Chloramine smell. Not only that, you’ll reduce red or irritated eyes, dry or itchy skin, and even faded swimwear (all caused by too much chlorine).

Ozone allows you to use fewer traditional sanitizers too. While ozone does not replace the need for chlorine or bromine, (regardless of what some salespeople may claim), it does reduce the amount of chemicals needed to maintain clean water. That means you’ll spend less time on water maintenance, and more time enjoying your spa.

Of course, ozone is environmentally safe. It’s a proven technology that’s easy on your spa’s plumbing and equipment. In fact, hot tubs equipped with ozone systems can only win UL approval if they are deemed absolutely safe! There’s a good chance that you already have a hot tub ozone system that’s not generating the benefits it was designed to produce. “Why?” Most spa ozone generators need to be replaced every 2 years.

Let’s recap. A spa ozone generator helps ensure clean, clear, healthy spa water AND adds to your comfort and enjoyment by doing the following:

  • Kills viruses, bacteria, yeasts and oxidizes other organic matter.
  • Reduces chlorine smell.
  • Eliminates irritated eyes, dry skin and faded swimwear.
  • Reduces (but not eliminates) the need for traditional sanitizers.
  • Decreases time spent on spa water maintenance.
  • Environmentally safe and safe on spa plumbing and equipment.

  • So there you have it - all the great reasons why it makes sense to consider a hot tub ozone system. A practical choice for spa enthusiasts who prioritize their time, using ozone in your spa is a healthy choice, and a smart way to care for your investment.

    If you need ozone replacement parts, or simply need more information on anything you’ve just read, please give us a call. We’re happy to help.

    Remember, we stock a variety of Dimension One Spa Parts including Dimension One Spa Covers, Filters, Vision Cartridges, Water Care, D1 Jets, D1 Pillows, EZ lifter and Covers, Upper controls, Electronics, Pumps, Ozone systems as well as other Dimension Hot Tub products and parts.

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