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(01781-27) Trombone Heater w/Flow Switch


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  • 01781-27-Heater
  • 01781-27-Heater
  • 01781-27-Heater
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The 01781-27 Dimension One Spas heater was first introduced in 1997 and originally incorporated a Laing Low Flow circulation pump in its design. A year later the assembly was separated into 2 parts and the heater and 01512-321 circulation pump were offered separately. Eventually the 01710-131 flow switch became integrated into the 01512-320E circulation for increased efficiency. If that seems like too much engineering confusion, don’t worry, we remember the story and will be sure you get the right parts for your spa. Just call us for help.

Dimension One Spas was the first company in the spa industry to introduce the low flow heater and many companies followed soon after. Since it works in conjunction with a small circulation pump, the heating function occurs silently, without the noise or expense of a full sized jet pump. In addition, water flows from the 01781-27 D-1 Spas heater and feeds the 01781-16Y-A UltraPure Ozone System. This provides the most efficient way to both heat and clean your spa water.

While spa heaters do wear out over time, our replacement 01781-27 D1 Spa Heaters now come with a titanium element and our famous 2-year warranty. No other company offers you that kind of protection. The most common questions we receive from spa owners revolve around the spa not heating accompanied by a “Low Flow” error message. Click on the link for some common troubleshooting help. Another issue is a “High Limit” error. We have a troubleshooting guide for that too. Whether you want to use the Troubleshooting Guides or not, we are here to answer any of your spa related questions.

Around 2005, an additional TCO Safety Switch was added to the 01781-27 Spa Heater. This insured that the system would shut down if a heater relay on the pc board was fused closed and failed. If this TCO switch inadvertently trips it may present the symptoms of a defective heater, but can be remedied by a reset. Since this rarely occurs, the reset procedure can be lengthy, so give us a call for help.

Want to extend the life of your 01781-27 Dimension One Spa heater? One of the best ways is to keep your spa water balanced. pH that is too high or too low can corrode the element and cause the gfci to trip. The heater must be replaced at that point. Test and balance your spa water regularly to prevent this from occurring.

By 2008, the flow switch was removed from the heater and integrated into the Dimension One Spas 01781-27NS heater assembly. The diagnosis and replacement procedures are very similar. At Easy Spa Parts we are here to help diagnose any issues you might have with your 01781-27 or 01781-27NS D1 Spas heater so you can repair if possible and replace only if necessary. Call one of our friendly, experienced Dimension One Spas techs whenever you have a question. (866) 418-1840 toll-free in the US.

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