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(01710-131) ¾” Flow Switch


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  • 01710-131-flow-switch-harwil-q-12ds-c2
  • 01710-131-flow-switch-harwil-q-12ds-c2
  • 01710-131-flow-switch-harwil-q-12ds-c2
MSRP Retail: $34.75
Our Everyday Price: $32.00 

Flow Switch 01710-131

Introduced on most Dimension One Spas in about the year 2000, this safety switch is quite reliable and your spa won’t heat without it. What’s the purpose of this switch? Easy. It senses whether water is flowing through the heater. If it’s not flowing then the heater won’t turn on. This prevents the heater operating in unsafe conditions and allowing parts in the equipment area to melt.

A “flow error” is probably the most common message spa owners call us about. At Easy Spa Parts, we have developed a simple system for working with spa owners to diagnose this issue. We start with the circulation pump, examine the filters and finally the test flow switch. If necessary, replacing the flow switch is simple, (we have our own instruction sheet to show you how), and inexpensive. It’s not uncommon for spa owners to call us ordering a new heater. When we walk them through our diagnostic process, we sometimes discover the problem is really just a defective flow switch. They are thrilled to learned we saved them $245!

So, if you see a “Flow Error” message on your spas’ display panel, check out our diagnostic video in the “Do-It-Yourself” section of this website and call us if you have any questions. Our experienced service technicians are ready to help you get to the bottom of the issue.

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“Thank you very much for your help!!! You folks are amazing.”
- Jeff G.

“Thanks for walking us through finding the flo1 problem. Better service than we have ever gotten from spa service guys. ”
- Susie B.