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E10 Circulation Pump w/ Flow Switch
$229.00 $175.00

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E10 Circulation Pump
$229.00 $169.00

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E-3 Fountain Pump
$195.00 $149.00

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¾” Flow Switch
$34.75 $29.99

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UltraPure Flow Sensor Tee
$17.50 $15.50

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Flow Switch Tee Assembly
$51.00 $45.95

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Temp Sensor / Flow Switch Assembly
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Len Gordon Pressure Switch
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Red Pressure Switch
$16.50 $14.25

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Pressure Switch
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Tri-Delta Pressure Switch
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Sensor Harness
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Temperature Sensor Tee
$10.00 $9.75

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Threaded Sensor Plug 3/4
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Flow Switch
$54.50 $48.50

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C.P. Flow Switch Assy.
$79.95 $68.50

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Hot Tub Flow Switch

There are multiple electronic components in all portable hot tubs. These mechanical elements, including the hot tub flow switch, are the unsung heroes of modern spa technology. Hot tub flow switches are working parts like any other piece of electronic equipment, and they sometimes require replacement. Most of the time people can replace their hot tub’s flow switch themselves, and that’s where we come in. We have everything you need to keep your D1 hot tub or other model spa working at its best and providing you and your family with the relaxing atmosphere and comfort you desire.

Have you ever seen a Dimension One Spa low flow error on your upper control panel and did not know what it meant? The error message FL1 or FL2 will flash when the hot tub flow switch malfunctions. There are other error codes as well, including LO, or flashing lights on your upper control panel. It is usually a simple matter to replace the flow switch to return the portable spa to its full operation. All spa heaters require an adequate amount of water flowing through them to activate and warm the water. If there is not enough “flow” and the heater turns on, safety issues could occur. Because of this all D-1 Spas use a flow switch or a pressure switch, (depending on the heater design), to sense adequate flow. The flow or pressure switches are an important safety device used for your protection.

Inspecting Your Flow Switch

In order to inspect your D1 hot tub’s flow switch, you’ll first need to find it. The flow switch on a D1 portable spa, or any other model of hot tub is a part of the heater assembly. Before going through a complete reassembly, you can check to see if a simple reset will resolve any issues you are having with your portable spa. Turn your hot tub off for 30 seconds and restart it. If you are still experiencing errors, you should delve deeper to see what is going on with your hot tub flow switch.

The factory settings on the switches are set for typical resistance levels and sometimes need adjustments.

Just remember no flow – no heat, and low flow – no heat.

Flow can be affected by an inadequate water level, old or dirty filters, clogged 01781-27 heater or ozone lines, or a defective circulation pump. If your Dimension One hot tub was made after 1997 and has 2 filters, water is moved through your D-1 heater with a 01512-320E circulation pump. To learn more about fixing a low flow error, watch our low flow video. If you still see the low flow error message and have a question, please call us. Resolving this situation might take some additional assistance and the expert service techs at Easy Spa Parts know all the tricks. We’ve built our business and reputation helping spa owners troubleshoot problems over the phone.

Dimension One Spa Flow Switch

If your D1 spa flow error is on a hot tub made with just one filter, you probably have a 01515-04 Dimension One Spa pressure switch. Many of the issues listed above apply here too, so our low flow video is a good place to start troubleshooting. Regular inspection of all of your D1 hot tub components is the best way to make sure you always have your luxurious hot tub operating perfectly. Feel free to call if you have a question!

In summary, a Dimension One hot tub low flow error is something we see often. There are several causes, many of which you can fix yourself. If you need assistance, we are here to help with hot tub parts and troubleshooting. Remember, don’t spend more time or money than necessary on your spa. Give us a call instead.

Hot Tub Flow Error FAQs

My hot tub upper control panel indicates I have a “Flow Error”. What does that mean?

A Flow Error can be caused by several different things, but it always shuts off the spa heater. The spa sensors think there is not enough water flowing through the heater and prevents the heater relay from engaging. Inadequate flow from old or dirty filters, an improperly operating circulation pump, or a defective flow switch can all cause this error.

What should I look for when I see the “Flow Error” message?

First, check your spa filters. Old or dirty hot tub filters can reduce flow through the heater and cause the error. Try removing the filter(s) to see if this clears the error. Next, if your spa has a small circulation pump that shoots out bubbles down by the heater, confirm they are still present. Several things can cause a circulation pump to stop, so call us if that’s the case. A defective flow switch can cause the error too. If the filters are clean and your spa has adequate flow, call us for additional troubleshooting help over the phone. We are the experts at diagnosing a flow error. This video gives you a few things to try first.

Is a Flow Error expensive to fix?

Not always. It can involve anything from cleaning or replacing your hot tub filters to replacing a fuse on the pc board, to buying a new flow switch or circulation pump. Call us first before buying anything when you see the “Flow Error”. We can help determine the correct part the first time

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