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(01561-00-A) 75 Sq. Ft. Filter


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  • 01561-00-a-filter-75-sq-ft
MSRP Retail: $59.00
Our Everyday Price: $46.95 

Dimension One Spa Filter 01561-00-A

The 01561-00-A hot tub filter was introduced in mid-2000 and has been used on every D-1 hot tub since then. It’s easily recognizable by its proprietary “locking” feature. Just a quick 90 degree turn of the filter and it locks in place, or can easily be removed.

Every Dimension One hot tub filter is specifically designed for the spa that uses it. For this reason, we don’t recommend buying any other aftermarket filter. Some filters “sorta-kinda” fit, might be cheaper, but if there are too many pleats, (or too few), and the material used is inferior- it’s easy to get “low flow” errors that occur for no apparent reason. Not only will you need to buy the correct filter later, but the restriction in flow can cause the 01512-320E circulation pump to burn out. Replacing that pump is equivalent to buying 3 1/2 new filters. By the way, your hot tub filters should be replaced every 2 to 2 ½ years to insure proper filtration and clean, safe water for you and your family. We also suggest cleaning your filters every month with a hose and soaking or spraying them every other month. Our WC-FT, Pleatco Filter Tablet is in easy, inexpensive way to keep your filters operating at peak efficiency.

For more information about your replacement spa filters, check out the Filter chapter of the Do-It-Yourself section of our Easy Spa Parts website. As always, you can always call us with any questions about replacement hot tub filters or any other topic.

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