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Easy Spa Parts specializes in hot tub filters and spa filters for all Dimension One Spas, D1 Spas, and Dimension One Hot Tubs.

75 Sq. Ft. Filter
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75 Sq. Ft. Filter
$55.00 $47.75

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40 Sq. Ft. Filter
$52.95 $44.25

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75 Sq. Ft. Filter
$59.95 $49.95

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75 Sq. Ft. Filter
$54.95 $47.75

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50 Sq. Ft. Filter
$35.95 $26.95

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25 Sq. Ft. Filter
$28.95 $26.49

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40 Sq. Ft. Crystal Pure Filter
$54.95 $47.75

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Filter Screen
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Filter Cleaning Tab
$4.95 $3.99

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Basket Assembly - Titanium
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Filter Cap - Titanium
$10.75 $9.95

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Filter Cover - Gray
$49.95 $44.95

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Large Filter Cover - Silver
$31.75 $27.50

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Crystal Pure Lid Assembly - No Longer Avail....
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Spa Spray - Natural Enzyme Filter Cleaner
$14.95 $13.95

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Hot Tub Filters

Your Dimension One Spa filters are critical to clear, clean water and efficient spa operation. Taking care of your filter is quick and easy. Think of your D1 spa filter as a paper screen. Water flows through them at up to 90 gpm. The “pores” begin to open and let dirt, sand and debris stay in the spa water instead of being trapped and removed.

Meanwhile, body lotions, oils and makeup in the water spa begin to plug the stretching screen. 2 ½ years later, the spa filter should be replaced. While it may look fine, it’s lost the efficiency of a new D1 hot tub filter. A “Low Flow” error might mean it’s time to clean or replace your Dimension One hot tub filter too.

Why Clean Hot Tub Filters Are So Important

Nothing is as important to maintaining clean, healthy spa water than your filtration system. Spa filters that are dirty or worn out will not do the job you need them to do, allowing dirt, grime and other contaminants to float freely in your hot tub. Eliminating any blockages so water can flow freely ensures your spa filters work as expected for healthy, sparkling spa water.

Clean hot tub filters serve another purpose too. Ineffective filters wear down essential (and costly) components, putting strain on hot tub circulation pumps. Keeping spa filters clean and efficient not only helps your spa work better, but will save you money long term. After all, it’s better to replace a filter than have to replace a circulation pump.

Spa Filter Maintenance—When to Clean and Replace

Optimal hot tub enjoyment means clean, clear healthy spa water. While there isn’t much maintenance that must take place, one of the most important things you can do to ensure a great soak is to keep your filters in good shape.

Keeping your hot tub filter clean and free from blockages and grime isn’t complicated. We recommend that you change and replace your spa filters every 2 years, with routine cleaning monthly. Of course, the more you use your spa, the more frequently you should check your filters.

Every Month It’s a good idea to remove your filter from the tub every month to give it a good rinse with the hose. While no cleaning agent is necessary, make sure to open the pleats on your filter to expose any trapped debris that can build over time.

It’s helpful, when purchasing hot tub filters to buy two at the same time. This gives you the ability to clean your filter monthly, and replace that set with a new set so you never have to wait to use your hot tub. The next month, simply swap them out again to clean the used one and continue using your spa.

Every Two Months Even with regular rinsing every couple of weeks, it’s smart to give your hot tub filters a deep cleaning approximately once every two months. In addition to rinsing with the hose, allow your filter to soak for 1-2 hours in a non-foaming solution. Damp filters may contain bacteria that could contaminate your hot tub water. Be sure to rinse, and then let dry completely before replacing.

Every 2 Years Regardless of how good your hot tub filter looks, you should remove and replace every 24 months. The typical spa filter is designed to last about 2-years, depending on use. Changing out spa filters annually is the key to optimal performance, and a smart way to ensure hot tub components don’t work too hard.

Every time you open and check your hot tub filters, you should be examining the media inside for rips or other signs of wear and tear. It is also a good idea to make sure the end caps on your portable hot tub’s filter aren’t cracked, looking brittle or becoming discolored. These are signs of wear or weathering that indicate a need for replacements. Remember, these are simply parts that get a lot of use, and can, over time require replacement naturally.

Remember, these are just guidelines, and may need to be adjusted based on your hot tub use. The more you use your spa, the more frequently you should check your filters. Of course, when spa filters are blocked or not working as they should, consider replacing—even if it hasn’t been a year. Often, frequent hot tub use, excess lotions and oils can cause filters to work extra hard, and keeping an eye on performance will help you keep your water clean and ready to use.

Spa Filters

We recommend you buy only factory authorized spa filters for sale. There are plenty of less expensive filters with too many pleats, (so they bunch up and reduce flow), or utilize adaptor fittings that are “universal” so they can be used on different spas. These often don’t fit your spa properly or crumble, allowing small bits of plastic to plug your circulation pump. Your “bargain” hot tub filter could cost you a few hundred dollars because you have to purchase a new circulation pump prematurely.

Rinse your D1 spa filters monthly and either spray or soak them every other month. This helps improve efficiency by removing oils and minerals from the filter. If your spa has a “Standby Mode” use it before removing and cleaning your D1 spa filters. This prevents debris from getting pulled into the circulation pump and causing it damage. People ask if filters can be rinsed in a dishwasher. While the short answer might be “yes”, we have to wonder if you really want the “stuff” in your spa to share an appliance with the plates you eat from.

Choosing the Right Hot Tub Filter

Buying new hot tub parts and filter replacements can be a little daunting, especially if you haven’t owned one before, or you acquired your portable spa along with a home and aren’t accustomed to all of its workings.

Easy Spa Parts also carries all of the components for your hot tub filter replacement needs. We have relief knobs, bleeder valves and assemblies and even rubber plugs as well as filter covers, bottoms and plates.

We have helpful guides to assist you in replacing your personal hot tub filters. Changing the filter can be as simple as replacing a cartridge, or as complicated as exchanging damaged parts for new. Once you’ve done the job once, you’ll find it is not difficult, and you’ll be ready to keep your D1 hot tub in top condition all year long for you and your family to enjoy.

Remember to buy D1 spa filters every 2 years. They wear out over time and no amount of rinsing and soaking can keep them operating as good as new.

Hot Tub Filters FAQs

How Long Does a Hot Tub Filters Last?

Filter manufacturers recommend replacing spa filters every 2 years.

Why Do I Need to Replace My Spa Filter?

As water flows through the filter, and debris gets trapped in the fabric, the weave becomes clogged and the “pores” open up. Some of the debris can be removed with Easy Spa Parts Spa Spray or Pleatco filter soak tabs. However, after about 2 years, the spa filter is just not as efficient as a new one.

What Happens if I Don’t Clean and Change My Hot Tub Filters Regularly?

Several things – and none of them pretty.

  1. The filter becomes dirty and less efficient.
  2. This can restrict the flow of water through the heater, causing a flow error and shutting off the heater.
  3. The water never gets as clean as it should so safe and balanced water is harder to maintain. For more information check out our video: Spa Filter Maintenance
Does Price Matter When Buying a Replacement Hot Tub Filter?

Price does not, but quality does. Many of the lower priced hot tub filters use inferior fabric or pleat specifications different than the original manufacturer. This can allow filters to clog easily, cause flow errors, and shut off the heater. We only use original Dimension One Spa filters, engineered to your spa’s requirements.

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