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Hot Tub Cover Lift

The D-1 EZ Lifter is one of those obvious designs where everyone in the industry scratched their heads and asked, “Why wasn’t this done years ago?” Funny as it sounds, that simple Dimension One E-Z Lifter design took almost 18 months to perfect. In the words of Leonardo da Vinci, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Benefits of Using a Hot Tub Cover Lifter

hot tub cover is the best way to keep your spa water clean and ready to use. Covers also insulate your spa, helping to retain some of that heat for less heating time and lower energy use. But, while the right cover is an important accessory for your spa, they aren’t always easy to get on and off.

In fact, the best covers are often also the heaviest, making it pretty tricky to move on and off by yourself—especially if you have an injury, aches and pains or sore muscles. And finding someone to ask for help? That’s not always convenient. Luckily, the right hot tub cover lifter solves this problem. Here’s some information and a few of the benefits of using a hot tub cover lift.

Easily remove and replace your hot tub cover. Removing your spa cover couldn’t be easier with a hot tub cover lifter in place. With no hassle and no struggle, you have the freedom to use your hot tub any time you’re in the mood. Most cover lifters are designed to be used alone, meaning you no longer have to bother someone else to “help” you remove your cover.

Extend the life of your hot tub cover. The perfect hot tub cover does its job well. But, if you can keep it in great shape, that’s even better. Constantly moving the spa cover on and off, tugging and shoving it onto the floor every time you use your spa can damage your cover pretty quickly.

One tear or small rip and all that insulating benefit starts to seep away. With a spa cover lifter in place, you never have to worry about dragging it on the floor, tugging or pulling. Once it’s removed from the spa, the hot tub cover lift holds it in place (off the floor) until you are ready to put it back on.

Choosing the Right Hot Tub Cover Lifter

Basically, there are two different types of hot tub cover lifters: mechanical lifters, (think hydraulic or gas pumps) and shelf style. The best one for you depends on the shape and size of your hot tub.

Hot tub shape and size. Round spas typically need a different hot tub cover lift than square or traditional hot tubs. And, size matters too. Most hot tub cover lifters fit covers up to 96” or 8 feet in diameter.

Available space. Do you have adequate space to install a hot tub cover lifter? Most lifters require at least a few inches on each side, as well as enough space to flip and store the cover when the tub is in use (at least 6 inches). Be sure to take space into consideration when looking for a hot tub cover lift.

Mounting considerations. Whether or not your spa is above ground or partially in ground will determine how your spa cover lifter mounts. Mounting plates can be secured directly to a deck for hot tubs that are in ground, but most cover lifters are designed to work with above ground spas.

EZ Spa Cover Lifter

The 03100-00 E-Z Lifter is a Dimension One Spa original. Before the early 1990’s, spa owners were forced to drag the spa cover on and off their hot tub whenever they wanted to take a soak. The engineers at D-1 introduced their design using a simple aluminum frame, mounted and balanced in just the right way, to allow spa users to flip the cover ½ open, grab the side of the frame and simply slide the spa cover off the back of the hot tub. Now almost anyone could use their spa without having to wrestle with the cover. At Easy Spa Parts we only carry the best of each design that history and experience tell us will serve you the longest. Our selection is limited on purpose. We know what works and doesn’t, so we won’t sell you an inferior lifter. Each model has its own criteria for mounting, clearance and operation so give us a call for additional information and help in selecting the right cover lift for your spa.

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