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AFS Skimmer Basket & Lid
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10" AFS Temp Sensor
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AFS Temp / High Limit Sensor Set
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Hot Tub AFS Parts

In 2003 Dimension One Spas introduced the Aquatic Fitness System, (or AFS), and turned the spa industry on its head. This was the first time a large spa manufacturer produced a “Swim spa”, but D-1 had another trick up its sleeve. Not only would their new line feature a bank of large swim jets at one end for exercise, it would include several “exercise stations” where stretching could be done in warm water, with resistance bands.

The 19’ Dual Temp includes a swim-exercise space on one side where the water temperature might average 79-82 degrees, but on the other end a hot tub was added where average water temperature ranged from 100-104. This design became an immediate smash hit and other spa manufacturers had to pay attention. Dimension One next added to the product line a 19’ and 16’ version of the exercise swim-system but without a hot tub. It’s most recent introduction features a 13’ swim-exercise system for the space and budget minded home owner. Over time the AFS product line has evolved, utilizing several different electronic controls and pumps designs. Each one better than the design that preceded it. Easy Spa Parts is able to supply any and all the hot tub parts you might need for your AFS to keep it, (and you), in great shape.

If you have any questions about your AFS swim spa, made by Dimension One hot tubs, just give our experienced D-1 service techs a call and ask for help. (866) 418-1840 toll free. We know what you need.

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