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Dimension One Spa Parts – Easy Spa Parts – Circuit Board

Dimension One Spa Parts – Easy Spa Parts – Circuit BoardIt’s time to consider a preventative maintenance tip the next time you drain and re-fill your spa. The burnt spot on this circuit board is not very common, but it occasionally happens; and here is the most common reason. Loose connections on the circuit can cause “electrical chatter”. The electricity flow is not consistent and the connection gets hot; causing the burnt spot on the board. To quote Benjamin Franklin: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

To help prevent a burnt spot and save the cost of a new pc board:

1. Turn off power to the spa at the gfci, (ground fault circuit interrupter / breaker box).

2. Secure all the connections at the circuit board. Ring and fork connections should be snug, (but don’t over tighten). Male and female connections should be completely on. The terminals on the board should be clean so roughing them up a bit with sandpaper is always a good idea.

3. Turn the power back on and confirm all the normal functions are operative on the upper control panel, (light, jets, etc.).

It’s Easy as that. Please call if you have any questions. (866) 418-1840 toll free.

Phil Sandner
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