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Heating Error and Low Flow 1997 to Current

“Help, my spa water doesn’t get hot anymore!” If your spa doesn’t get warm, you’re probably not very happy. After all, what’s relaxing about sitting in cold water? So what’s the problem?

An inability to heat is one of the most common problems we hear. And while there may be several answers, sometimes it’s as simple as low flow.

To work right, your spa heater has to have adequate water flow. When it doesn’t, well, you know what happens. Luckily, your heater is on the job. And when it notices that the flow of water is too low, or there is potential for it to overheat , it shuts down. The good news is, once you fix the water flow problem, you’re back in business, and your heater should work as good as new.

Correcting a Hot Tub Low Flow Error

Sometimes a “Low Flow Error” is associated with this condition. Here are a few simple steps you can take to try and remedy this problem on your own.

1. Hot tub flow error has everything to do with where the water hits on your spa. The water level should rest at about the middle of the tile line. If you do not have tile, then it should be six inches from the top. Water that is too high or too low will reduce flow through the heater, preventing the heater from turning on.

2. It's not just your water level that can trigger a hot tub low flow error. Old or dirty filters can also affect water flow. Be sure to clean your filters thoroughly with a garden hose.

Pro Tip:Before reinstalling the filters check the control panel again. If the “Low Flow Error” message has gone away, you have solved your problem.


Note: If the flow message comes back after reinstalling your filters then you will need new filters.

3. If cleaning your filters did not take care of the problem, look at the bottom of the spa for a normal steady stream of air bubbles. This indicates a properly operating circulation pump. If there are no bubbles and you just refilled your spa, visit our "How to" page and read how to "Immediately Purge an Airlock in Your Circulation Pump."

Nothing is as frustrating as getting ready to take a long, relaxing soak in your hot tub only to find out that the spa won't heat. Do yourself a favor and take a minute or two to understand the hot tub low flow error and how to fix a low flow problem. When you can remedy the problem yourself in just a few simple steps, you're sure to save time and energy troubleshooting.