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Extend the Life of Your Cover

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Your spa cover can last 5-6 years under ideal conditions. Washing and protecting it monthly can help the outer skin look new for a very long time. Using an E-Z Lifter will prevent handling damage too.

  • Step 1: Rinse the dust and dirt from your cover.

  • Step 2: Wash with a mild liquid detergent, (from the kitchen is fine), and a sponge or soft brush if necessary.

  • Step 3: Rinse again.

  • Step 4: Dry with a soft, clean towel.

  • Step 5: To extend the life of your cover, apply 303 Protectant (SPF 40 for your cover). Available from Easy Spa Parts or a local auto parts store.

  • Step 6: This cover is over a year old and still looks new whenever we clean and protect it.

Click here for a printable copy

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