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Solenoid Valve Assembly
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Diaphragm and Support Ring
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Large Sequencer Valve Assy.
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Large Sequencer Diaphragm
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Sequencer Data Cable
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Universal Sequencer Power Cable - 2015+
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Hot Tub Solenoids

In 1999, Dimension One Spas introduced the first jet sequencing system in the hot tub industry. Built into either a lounge or “hot seat” a series of jets are activated in sequence from the top to bottom of the seat. Imagine having jets activate for 10 seconds on your shoulder blades, then those turn off and jets on located at your upper back are activated, 10 seconds later those shut off and jets on your mid-back are activated. Once the series of 6 zones is completed at your feet, it starts all over again at your shoulder blades.

Spa Solenoid Valve Assembly

This “sequencing” system has its own set of maintenance requirements. If the 01710-1017 control panel is not lighting up, it might be as simple as replacing a fuse on the 01710-1200 p.c.board. Not sure how to do that? We can help. Occasionally the solenoids themselves spring a leak. There are 3 typical places that need to be checked. Once the corner panel is removed the inspection is quite easy. We can help with that too. Need to know how to replace the defective parts? We have instruction sheets or can be reached over the phone for step-by-step instructions.

If you have any questions about the solenoid system on your Dimension One hot tub just give our experienced D-1 service techs a call and ask for help. (866) 418-1840 toll free. We know what you need.


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